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Top Quality  Commitment to Excellence  Personal Service  Partnership Approach

SCOTT-PRECISION is your source for New Tabbing & Reinforcing Machines, New Tip Dies, New Knife Sets, All Sharpening & Repair Services, Replacement Parts, Mylar® Tabbing & Reinforcing Film, Pre-Owned & Refurbished Machinery.

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We are experts in the Tabbing and Reinforcing industry with over 100 years combined experience.

There is a unique obligation to be there for our customers at all times and for all reasons. And Scott-Precision fully embraces that responsibility. As the unquestionable leading supplier of tab cutting, laminating and reinforcing machines as well as laminating film for index tab divider products, Scott-Precision has set it sights high from the very beginning. It’s that commitment to excellence that has kept us at the top.

Since our acquisition of Scott Office Systems machine division, we have greatly expanded our New York USA production & warehouse facilities in order to embrace and strengthen the Scott brand.


All manufacturing, die & knife sharpening services, engineering, tabbing & reinforcing film and parts inventory & support services for all Scott, Precision, & E-Z Machine brand machines are now integrated into our Bohemia New York plant.



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