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  Mylar Film

  Mylar Film

When placing order please include Company name.

Our high performance adhesive formulation boosts your productivity excels in sealing quality and high speed operation at far lower operating temperatures than conventional tabbing films. We engineered this adhesive to liquefy and permeate paper fibers almost instantly as low as 180°F, making it perfect for use on both digital and offset printing. Besides allowing consistent and high quality adhesion to heat sensitive printing, the lower operating temperatures are safer for your personnel and will also save a great deal of money by substantially reducing wear and tear on.


All colors and clear are manufactured in:


Low Temperature


Recommended sealing temperatures 180° - 250°· F

Reduces ink pick-off on printed body jobs

Reduces paper curl

Seals to a variety of paper stocks including gloss paper

Color consistency (no blotches)



Manufacturing capabilities:


Variety of colors

Available in 2000’ or 4000’ rolls

Variety of slit widths

Low minimum order quantity on standard stock items (1-5/8" x 2000’)

You can also call in your orders at +1 631-468-8776 Monday-Friday 9:00am- 5pm

*If you need an order customized let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

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